Different Colour of the Eyes Can Mean Different Health Status

All around the world, people have different eye colours. This coloured part of the eye is called the iris. They have the potential to tell what disease a patient have or what they will and can have in the future.

Iridology is a practice that people are now learning around the world. It is a part of a natural and holistic approach of alternative medicine. Iridologists read the iris with a chart that can determine the problem within the body.

Course needed

Even if iridology is not considered as a profession, training is still required to be able to practice it under the alternative medicine umbrella. Iridologists in Perth are asked to be familiar with certain principles to help them practice the field. Having a course with being a naturopathic doctor would be the best way of course to practice iridology.

How do they practice?

They examine and read the iris part of the eye. They can tell what kind of disease on has with the eye chart that they also invented. They can talk to people and make the patient understand what the health problems are and how they must be approached. They can also help the patient manage the disease by suggesting natural remedies like taking of herbal medicines, acupuncture or acupressure or other alternative procedure to alleviate the problem.

What the colours represent

For many people who practice iridology, brown eyed people are the most difficult eye colour to read. This is because the colour covers the fiber structure of the eye and this is usually their basis of reference. But for what they noticed, brown eyed people most of the time have blood disorders. They also can have problems with calcium metabolism. Brown eyed people are also subjected to problems with the digestive system and endocrine glands. Blue eyed people are most of the time have problems with the lymphatic system. They have problems with phlegm, the tendency to accumulate uric acid and problems with the lungs.

For people who have the mixed eye colour like blue/brown they have the tendency to have problems with the liver. They also have the tendency to get gallstones, hypoglycaemia, constipation and indigestion. This eye type can also have other colours like straw yellow that can indicate problems in the kidneys or poor kidney function. If there is a streak of neon orange in the eye, this can indicate pancreatic problems and or imbalances in the blood sugar and problems with carbohydrates. Dirty orange can be related to gallbladder problems and pancreatic problems. Dark brown discoloration can indicate liver dysfunction. Lastly, reddish brown can indicate problems with the blood.